Quality Kitchens is based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and has been in business since 1995, under the proprietorship and direct management of Cedric Sigamoney.  Patrick Pillay, assists in the management of the business and also serves as the Senior Lorry Driver.  The firm has grown steadily from only kitchen and office interiors; it now also oversees projects dealing with the complete makeover of a home or office, from wall-to-wall, flooring to the ceilings.

Cedric Sigamoney & Patrick Pillay

Quality Kitchens strive to maintain their edge by paying attention to every detail, from the moment enquiry is received through to the preparation of drawings and presentation to the client.  ALL this is done even before the client accepts and signs the quotation. Client presentations are concise and detailed and offer the opportunity for their clients to see their new kitchen, office or bedroom in digital 3D illustrations; all of which is a significant investment in itself, aimed at the best possible project outcome for the client.

Another way the company maintains its competitiveness is that they devote as much time and detail irrespective of how small or big the project is, and Sigamoney is hands-on in all respects.  “We have definitely seen the results from this. For example we once replaced a water-damaged sink unit for an elderly client, only to have her daughter return later and place an order for the full refurbishment of her kitchen,” says Sigamoney.

Sigamoney started working as an 18-year old doing sweeping and cleaning at Woodcraft Kitchen. He was offered an apprenticeship, which he completed before starting out as an independent sub-contractor and just grew from there. The company has been operating since 2013 from its Winston Road office.

Sigamoney says the home furnishing business is much like the fashion world, in that trends are cyclical.
“For example, red and white kitchen furnishings were fashionable 20 years ago, and the colours have come back, although the reds are less accentuated and more subtle in hue, in the overall design,” says Sigamoney.

When looking back on some of the changes in the home furnishing business over two decades, Sigamoney says that the demand for finer detail has definitely become more pronounced.
“There is a move towards less curves and a trend towards straights lines and the minimalist aesthetic in the overall design, people also prefer using less solid wood, often due to cost and environmental factors.”